Fitness & Sports Performance


To start, we want to thank you for visiting our site and hope you chose to become a part of the IMPACT community. We firmly believe your decision to commit to our philosophy and training system can make a significant IMPACT in your life - whether you are looking to improve your general fitness, train for a sport or event, regain lost mobility and flexibility, manage energy levels throughout the day, and/or reduce your risk of chronic disease and future physical ailments.

Prior to your participating in your first training session, we'll set up a one-on-one Strategy Session where we'll look over your health and training history, undergo a body composition analysis, perform a movement assessment, and discuss your goals, schedule, and other important factors to set up a game plan for long-term success. This 60-minute session is $45.

The first step is completing a ​ Health History and Physical Activity Questionnaire and Wavier. You may print them from the website and bring them to IMPACT or complete the forms on site. 

To set up your Strategy Session, please fill out the form below with a days/times that work best to meet with your schedule. Also, if you have any questions or concerns prior to scheduling a Strategy Session, please enter those below as well. We'll get back to you shortly!